Saving her desperate sisters and brothers left behind
will be Annie's legacy...

Annie was a brave girl who started life in Romania. Since a puppy, Annie suffered abuse and severe neglect. For days Annie went without food which meant her bones did not develop properly resulting in weakened legs and scoliosis. Left outside, without shelter in extreme conditions, Annie was used as a breeding 'machine'. Despite her having cherry eye which is a very painful eye condition she was denied surgery for over a year. As Annie became more sick and more malnourished, her pups were born sickly and she was unable to produce enough milk to feed them. Tragically, Annie lost all her pups within days. Annie was no longer useful. 

Annie was finally rescued in October 2018 and transported to the UK.
Annie joined her new family in South Wales and quickly adapted to a happier way of life. With her new sister, an elderly golden retriever, Annie enjoyed new experiences every day. First walks on the beach, playtime with a ball, cuddles on the sofa. Despite her abuse and severe neglect, Annie was incredibly loving and brought so much joy to her family.
Devastatingly, in January 2019, Annie was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, which was most likely a result of the appalling conditions she lived with for so long in Romania. Annie died just a few weeks later.


Annie could not have been saved, but Annie's Trust has been set up to honour this beautiful girl and help save her friends left behind.

Each dog has their own story of suffering and survival. 
Annie Trust is set up to support the dogs left behind in Romanian public shelters by providing medical treatment, quality food, bedding, kennels and shelter.

Saving more dogs through Annie’s Trust will be Annie’s legacy.