Annie's Half-Way House

Black Dog

A warm and safe place to live, guaranteed meals and water, and lots of TLC....

Providing a life line to dogs in need!

Annie's Trust helps dogs in public shelters or stray dogs on the streets. We try and make their lives as comfortable as possible by providing kennels, food, parasite treatment and more. This is not always suitable if a dog is recovering from surgery, or is unsafe on the street and needs a place of safety. 

Foster care provides these dogs with a warm and safe place to live, a cosy bed, regular meals and water, continuous monitoring, administration of medicine and lots of play time. 


Annie's Trust tries to provide Foster Care to these specific dogs in need, but we can't do it without your help! If you would like to sponsor one of our dogs in Foster, to be their stepping stone into the new life they have been promised and to help them get back on their paws, please get in touch or subscribe here!

Sponsorship is £40 a month but half and quarter sponsorship are welcomed.