Lumi is a cross breed who was brought into the shelter when she was very young. She was born with deformed back legs which she dragged around leaving her vunerable to attack by other dogs and unable to defend herself. She was very thin due to lack of food, terrified of humans and scared of other dogs. She had been denied help until Annies Trust got involved. We took her to our clinic and she had surgery on both legs. Remarkably, she can now walk on all fours. While recovering in clinic she has made friends with pup Valentina who has far more confidence, but some is rubbing off. It lifts our spirits to see her gambolling with other dogs – something that would have been unheard of, without the kind donations of Annies Trust benefactors. A dog behaviourist has been working with her to reduce her fear of people. She is now able to travel to her foster home after lockdown. A very happy ending for this beautiful quiet, sweet natured girl.