Honey was found hiding behind a box terrified and frightened, in a scrap metal yard. She was only 6 weeks old. Volunteers patiently spent half an hour coaxing her out of the dirty hiding place only to find she had two further siblings hiding behind her! They became known as Sherry and Donna. Sadly, they had a variety of injuries. All had their tails hacked off, but Honey also had an injured leg which impaired her ability to walk. She touched the heart of the volunteers and one took her home to give Honey much needed TLC. She was adopted by our team member and co-founder, Gabriella Diana. At 16 weeks of age she was ready to travel from Romania to the UK. For those first few weeks Honey was timid and scared, but her confidence began to grow, and she has developed into a fun loving, happy little girl. Unfortunately, Honey’s leg has not grown normally due to the injury she’d received as a puppy. The prognosis is she may lose her leg. We are keeping our fingers crossed this will not be the case and she currently has weekly hydrotherapy treatment and joint supplements. In the meantime, it does not hinder Honey’s ability to whiz around the garden at top speed and jump onto furniture like a mountain goat!!