Success Stories


Lumi is a cross breed who was brought into the shelter when she was very young. She was born with deformed back legs which she dragged around leaving her vunerable to attack by other dogs and unable to defend herself. She was very thin due to lack of food, terrified of humans and scared of other dogs. She had been denied help until Annies Trust got involved. We took her to our clinic and she had surgery on both legs. Remarkably, she can now walk on all fours. While recovering in clinic she has made friends with pup Valentina who has far more confidence, but some is rubbing off. It lifts our spirits to see her gambolling with other dogs – something that would have been unheard of, without the kind donations of Annies Trust benefactors. A dog behaviourist has been working with her to reduce her fear of people. She is now able to travel to her foster home after lockdown. A very happy ending for this beautiful quiet, sweet natured girl.


She was discovered dying, tied up in a plastic sack. She had been beaten, her leg was broken and her eye punctured. She was only a puppy. About 10 weeks old. Initially she was taken to Adjud public shelter but our volunteers helped remove her and Annies Trust paid for surgery to her eye and leg. Unfortunately she lost her eye but physically has made a great recovery and will be moving into Gabriella Diana’s home in the UK, where she will meet adopted sisters Honey and Jasmine, once lockdown is over. 

Elderly Carpathian Shepherd, Balu, had little hope of being rehomed. He was a stray but would stand outside the shelter gates waiting for scraps of food from volunteers. Now rescued he is living a wonderful life in the Netherlands with his sister Sasha.


Cesar, a male Rottweiler who was abandoned with Sasha. He is in his forever home in the Netherlands.


Sasha one of the Rottweilers abandoned at Adjud has been formally adopted by her lovely foster family who had also adopted big Balu! Now she will have her big brother to play with forever. 


This poor puppy was dumped at Adjud public shelter at only 12 weeks old. He was covered in a bacterial infection, fleas, thin and starving. We didn’t think he would make it as his immune system had broken down through lack of nourishment and disease. Horatio is blind in one eye, hence his name, but after 4 weeks at the vetinary clinic he is doing very well. Horatia is now in a emergency foster home and has made friends with the resident cat that has become his best friend. He is waiting to go to his permanent home after ‘Covid-19 lock down’.


She was dumped in Adjud shelter by a random person. Very young, she has been rehomed and is very happy. 


Twelve year old Ben, a black Collie cross, had spent most of his life in public shelter. Annies Trust gave him some hope in his twilight years and put him into emergency foster with Maria Bisagni in the UK. When Ben arrived he was totally shut down. He slept a lot and was very quiet, but always enjoyed his food and treats. After a few weeks he moved to Jackie Daltons home with the possibility of adoption. Over the following weeks Ben has really come out of himself - running and jumping like a puppy. Always smiling, loves his walks with his doggy friends. His favourite pastime is running up and down Jackie’s hall with excitement before a good long walk. Such a pleasure to see him enjoying life in his twilight years.  


Another golden oldie who had lived most of her life in public shelter where they are caged up day and night, without much food and vunerable to fights with other dogs. Annies Trust stepped in put this sweet natured Collie mix in foster in Romania with Ben until it was time to travel. Now in foster with Irene in the UK, its all about TLC and building Tess's confidence.


Dogcatchers caught Tommy and brought him to Adjud public shelter where life was worse than what he had known on the street. This beautiful soul lived in one of the darkest pens of Adjud and was desperate for human affection. Tommy would always give our volunteers kisses through the cages, and when we went inside Tommy would nuzzle up against our legs for cuddles. This poor boy needed to be in a loving home so we did what we could to have him removed and put into a foster home where he is enjoying life. He especially loves the sofa! We can’t wait for Tommy to be adopted by his new family!


He had been in Adjud shelter for many years. Blind, thin, ignored and scared. Our volunteer Nico was very concerned about his welfare and was granted access to bring him out of shelter and foster him at home until he was rehomed in the Uk. We are very pleased to say he has now been rehomed and and is a very happy boy.  

Naja & Pouchie

This little mum and her one surviving pup, had been living on the streets, surviving on scraps. Someone reported them as a nuisance and the dog catchers were called to remove them. They captured the mum taking her to the public shelter. Her instinct to be with her puppy was too strong and she managed to escape, making it back to her pup.  Sadly, the next day they were both rounded up and thrown in the shelter. The volunteers tell us, that although they are in such an awful place, they are still very happy dogs, with tails constantly wagging. The scar you can see on the Mammas face is caused by hot poker branding, still barbarically practised today, by many village people, who believe it prevents distemper! We are overjoyed to say, that they have both been offered a foster home together in France. Now rehomed. 


Poor Pearl was dumped in the shelter with an awful acid burn on her back. This open wound became infected and Pearl was slowly dying! Even though she was in a terrible ordeal of pain, Pearl was a sweet girl and was always so gentle and timid. Thanks to donations we were able to send her to the vets where she was treated and made comfortable. She has been adopted by our Team member Alanna who also adopted Ebony and she is enjoying her life and home with her Adjud sister. 


Honey was found hiding behind a box terrified and frightened, in a scrap metal yard. She was only 6 weeks old. Volunteers patiently spent half an hour coaxing her out of the dirty hiding place only to find she had two further siblings hiding behind her! They became known as Sherry and Donna. Sadly, they had a variety of injuries. All had their tails hacked off, but Honey also had an injured leg which impaired her ability to walk. She touched the heart of the volunteers and one took her home to give Honey much needed TLC. She was adopted by our team member and co-founder, Gabriella Diana. At 16 weeks of age she was ready to travel from Romania to the UK. For those first few weeks Honey was timid and scared, but her confidence began to grow, and she has developed into a fun loving, happy little girl. Unfortunately, Honey’s leg has not grown normally due to the injury she’d received as a puppy. The prognosis is she may lose her leg. We are keeping our fingers crossed this will not be the case and she currently has weekly hydrotherapy treatment and joint supplements. In the meantime, it does not hinder Honey’s ability to whiz around the garden at top speed and jump onto furniture like a mountain goat!!


German Shepherd mix, Bear, had lived on the street for approximately 4 years from a pup, before being caught by the local dog catcher and put into Adjud public shelter. Unfortunately, he spent a further 4 years in the shelter where he was bullied and beaten up by the other dogs, usually over food. Subsequently he became too scared to eat in fear of being attacked. As he got thinner and thinner, kind volunteers watched over him while he ate. This gentle handsome boy would die in shelter if he remained there for sure, so the charity set about finding him a foster or permanent home here in the Uk.  Charity Trustee Maria Bisagni, who had adopted Annie, our Charity namesake, stepped in and offered him an emergency foster place. Surprisingly, he became best friends with Maria’s other dog, 12 year old Golden Retriever, Tia, very quickly. But he was very wary of humans. Sometimes lashing out with a snarl or bite.  He is a complex character and it took a long time for him to trust. Over time he is improving and becoming more confident and relaxed.  A remarkable bond has grown between Bear and Maria and she adopted him in March 2019. A true fairy tale for this lovely boy.


Old dog Ebony had a terrible skin condition all over her body which was slowly killing her. Not only was it painful but in a public shelter it could have easily become infected. Annie's Trust organised veterinary treatment a long stay in veterinary clinic to help treat her condition. Ebony is such a happy girl now that her skin has been treated and she can finally enjoy life! Thankfully, this affectionate and loving girl, Ebony has been adopted by our wonderful team member Alanna. 


Elena was brought into shelter in a bag of other puppies no one wanted. She was very tiny approximately 5 or 6 weeks old. Volunteers quickly took her out of shelter as it was clear she would not survive. Another pup in the same condition was also taken for testing, but unfortunately died. They both had life threatening viruses and parvo. Elena received intensive treatment and recovered.  She lived with our volunteer Nicoleta in foster until she was old enough to travel. As Elena grew, so did her confidence. It was quite normal for her to cause havoc in the household especially with resident cats and dogs! Elena was adopted to a permanent family. We are grateful to vet Elena Berbece who saved Elena’s life and took great care of her in clinic.


Jasmine is blind and came into Adjud shelter suffering from many cancerous tumours all over her body. The volunteers recognised that if she was left in the Public Shelter she would be attacked and starved of food.  Life would be unbearable. Thanks to our caring volunteers and kind donations, Annie’s Trust arranged emergency clinical care. Jasmine underwent chemotherapy and lived in clinic for four months to continue this treatment. Astonishingly, she overcame her fight with such advanced cancer and her tumours were fully removed. No one wanted to see Jasmine go back to a squalid life in public shelter after all she had endured, so she was adopted by Co-Founder Gabriella Diana. These days her life is full of TLC and play with her adopted sister, Honey, we mentioned earlier.


Pepsi had led a miserable existence in an old lady’s yard, chained up and given occasional scraps. When the old lady died, no one wanted Pepsi and she thrown onto the streets to fend for herself. But, she kept returning for food to the only place she’d ever known as ‘home’. She was chased her away with stones and anything they could lay their hands on. When volunteers heard about her plight they picked her up, fed her and clipped back her filthy matted coat. She was covered in wounds made by a pitchfork, obviously been used to chase her away from her house. She was terrified from the abuse she had suffered. When she had recovered sufficiently to travel she was rehomed in a foster home in France. We are all so happy for her.


Pumpkin was a stray about 6 months old. We found this poor girl screaming in agony, having been crushed under the wheel of a lorry in a car park. Miraculously there were no internal injuries, but she had suffered a serious leg break and required specialist orthapedic treatment. She was transported to a specialist orthopaedic centre In Bucharest for surgery and the veterinary team loved her so much she stayed there in recovery for many weeks until she was finally ready to travel to her new home in France. She has now joined her sisters Naja & Pouchie in France and they love her very much! She is one lucky girl!

Balu, Cesar, Sasha

Elderly Carpathian Shepherd, Balu, had little hope of being rehomed. He was a stray but would stand outside the shelter gates waiting for scraps of food from volunteers. Now rescued he is living a wonderful life in the Netherlands with his sister Sasha.


Cesar, a male Rottweiler who was abandoned with Sasha. He is in his forever home in the Netherlands.


Sasha one of the Rottweilers abandoned at Adjud has been formally adopted by her lovely foster family who had also adopted big Balu! Now she will have her big brother to play with forever.