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About us

Annie's Trust was set up to honour the memory of Annie. Annie was a brave girl who suffered abuse and neglect in Romania. She was used for breeding and kept outside without shelter.

Despite our attempts, her owner would not allow us to take her away to be cared for.

Finally in October 2018, after her last litter died and her owners decided she was no longer of use to them, Annie was rescued.

Annie was adopted to South Wales and quickly adapted to a new life. First walks on the beech, first time playing with a ball, first time time jumping on a sofa.

Devastatingly, this new life was not to last as in January 2019 she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and died a few weeks later.

Each dog has their own story of suffering and survival. Annie's Trust is set up to support the dogs left behind in Romanian public shelters by providing medical treatment, quality food, bedding, kennels and shelter.

Saving dogs through Annie's Trust will be Annie's legacy. 

Annie's Trust was granted charity status on 6th November 2019. 

Our objective is to raise awareness, to secure funding to alleviate suffering, to increase quality of life, to re-home the most vulnerable dogs and to promote kind and responsible treatment to animals by leading as example.


Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of dogs who would have otherwise died from sickness, injury or malnutrition. We have also introduced a spay and neuter programme to tackle the stray dog crisis and prevent puppies being born into a life of cruelty. 

Wherever there is suffering, we aim to make a difference and with your support we can continue to protect and help dogs suffering in Romania. 


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We are always looking for volunteers who can commit a few hours a month to helping the dogs. Generally we are looking for volunteers who can navigate Facebook, or help with admin by carrying out tasks in microsoft excel.

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