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Everyday, thousands of abandoned and forgotten dogs are forced into a life of captivity, left to endure inhumane conditions until they die from disease, starvation or abuse.


Yet a small donation from you could make a huge difference in preventing their suffering. 

With your donation, we can

  • keep vaccinating dogs against life threatening diseases

  • keep providing urgent veterinary care to sick and injured dogs

  • continue work to provide kennels to protect dogs from the freezing snow and ice in winter

  • help combat the overbreeding stray dog problem with our simple spay and neuter programme


​The donation you make today will help save a dogs life tomorrow.


Where your donations go

Below are examples of what donations are generally spent on for the dogs.

Food Bags


Quality food for the shelter not only keeps the dogs fed but helps with their immune system


Flea and Worming

Parasites are rife for these poor dogs, so the treatment is essential to prevent nasty and painful diseases.

Our new kennels!!.jpg


Purchasing and building insulated kennels are vital to keeping the dogs warm and safe in winter.



The most effective way to reduce stray numbers is to neuter and spay

Feed the Forgotten

Puppy/Senior Food Tins

Nutrient rich food for the young and vulnerable helps boost development & recovery.


Passports & Bus tickets to the UK

We work with reputable UK animal rescues who can help find homes for those in need.

Puppy vaccination (1).jpg


Vaccines are crucial to the survival and welfare of dogs that are kept in poor and dirty conditions


Medical Care

A lot of the animals that come into our care have some form of medical issue requiring treatment.

Water Buckets

Food Troughs & Water Buckets

Without the water buckets and troughs, the dogs would knock over their water or eat off the ground around their mess.

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