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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do donations go?

Donations to Annie’s Trust are used to improve these dogs quality of life, including:​

  • Purchase food for the starving dogs at the shelter

  • Purchase kennels to provide shelter against the harsh Romanian weather

  • Purchase sleep boxes to provide a safe and comfortable place to sleep and feel safe

  • Purchase dog bowls to provide food 

  • Pay for vaccinations for all dogs

  • Pay for flea and tick treatment for all dogs

  • Pay for any emergency medical treatment required (surgery and medication)

  • Fund the sterilisation program to contribute to the management of stray dogs

Do you own Adjud Shelter?

No. Adjud Public Shelter is a Government run shelter and a Shelter manager and shelter workers are employed by the Government.  Nothing goes to the shelter management.  Funds raised are sent directly to the supplier or person that has provided a service, e.g. veterinary clinic, food supplier, kennel manufacturers. 

Why Romania, and not the UK?

Unlike those in the UK, conditions in the majority of Public Shelters of Romania are barbaric and the dogs there are not protected by animal rights laws. On a daily basis they can face torment and abuse by cruel workers. Most shelters have a limit to how many dogs they hold and when that limit is reached the dogs are killed. Euthanasia in these shelters is always painful and traumatic. Dogs are fed anti-freeze, rat poison, some are killed with shovels or kicked to death. We believe that all dog-lovers, regardless of where they live, should consider the situation in Romania an emergency.

Why did you choose Adjud Public Shelter?

We know it’s not possible to rescue every dog from the public shelters of Romania, just a very small percentage will escape that very sad life. However we are trying to make a difference to the dogs in this small and very poor shelter in Adjud.

Do volunteers get paid?

No. All of the Annie's Trust Team are unpaid and help the dogs because of our love of animals. 

Do you rehome dogs?

We help reputable charities to transport dogs to the UK for adoption, however our main work is focused on helping dogs in crisis who are stuck in shelter. 

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